Turkish Applications

✅Tav mobile

This application is specifically for the Atatürk Airport, which reports the arrival and departure of flights, delays, cannon numbers and gateway numbers, to issue your flight number, and announce any changes through the announcement.

Designed to drive and find routes, and Google Maps works much more accurately.

It’s like Divar app and it focuses on secondhand equipment. Register your address to see what’s around for you.

✅Yemek sepeti
Register your address and order food from different restaurants, cash payment option is available at home.

Due to high tax rates, this app has more affordable prices, especially since larger machines like Van are active on this system, cash payment option is active and you can already see the amount of your rent. Just do not forget that if you cancel it you should contact and Otherwise, you will be fined the same amount of money.

Taxi is online, which sends the closest taxi by choosing the route

It is special for public transport, which offers easy access to metro, bus and so on.

If you use the ThinkCard card, you can charge it with this app while giving weekly awards like Gig to users. Vodafone and Tork Telecom also have apps.

If you want a concert ticket, theater or any art program you can get through this app.

You can check the conversion rate of lira to the dollar or euro or any other currency instantly with this app.

✅Fırsat bu fırsat
It’s like NetBarg and Takhfifan, you can find everything that is discounted in this app.

Get acquainted with the official Turkish newsletter in Farsi with this app. It is an official government news agency that publishes credible news.

If you order drinking water from the Ericle brand by phone, you can order it online and choose the time to receive the water.

You must apply for this bike rental in the parks and coastal areas.

Purchase a supermaket and do not get bored with going out, install this app, make your orders easy to register and pay online.

. Follow up. Use this app to see employment requests and create a resume to let you know if there is a request.

✅Çiçek sepeti
If you have this application, it’s easy to do. Send flowers and flowers to your friends.

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