Number of specialties 50

Established in  2009

The number of students is  6025


The Yenisei University (New Century) was founded in 2009 by the Foundation for Health and Education.

Yeni Yuzil University is distinguished by its medical expertise and has 23 medical specialties.

The main campus of the university is located in the “Topkapi” in the European part of Istanbul, with a large number of educational facilities and equipment, such as medical laboratories, scientific laboratories and computers for radio and television equipment and photographic studios. The university also has More than a campus campus in Istanbul.

The University Hospital located in Gaziosmanpaşa, the second headquarters of this university and a training center for university medical students.

The University seeks to educate young people and attract scholars, and aims to become a prestigious academic institution and full academic center.

The university has provided Erasmus student exchange programs with 46 European countries and has prominent staff and educators from different nationalities. It also has close relationships with many universities around the world.


Medical Colleges

Dentistry TR

Human Medicine TR

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy TR

Faculty of Science and Literature

English Language and Literature EN

Molecular Biology and Genetics TR

TR English translation

Psychology of TR

Turkish Language and Literature TR

College of Fine Arts

TR Graphic Design

Art representing TR

Economic and Management Colleges

TR Office of Commerce

TR policy and international relations

International Trade and Transport TR

Communication colleges

Visual Media Designer TR

Advertising PR and PR

Radio, TV, cinema TR

Media and Press TR

College of Engineering and Architecture

Medical Engineering Equipment TR

Electrical Engineering and Electronics TR

Interior design and decoration TR

Architecture TR

School of Health Sciences

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation TR

Nursing TR

Nutrition and Diet

Health Department TR

Health and Safety TR

School of Law

TR rights


Health institutions

Oral hygiene TR

TR surgical services

Surgical (nightly) TR services

Anesthesia TR

Anesthesia (overnight) TR

Child psychological education TR

Pharmaceutical Services TR

First aid and Emergency TR

First aid and emergency (nightly) TR

Hearing and Measurement TR

Optics TR

Medical Journal and TR Documents

Medical Imaging Technology TR

Imaging Technology (Nightly) TR

Medical Laboratory Techniques TR

Caring for older people

Professional institutions

TR Justice

Banking & Insurance TR

Foreign Trade TR

Tourism and Travel Services TR

Tourism & Travel Services (Nightly) TR

Logistics TR

Logistics (night) TR

Radio and TV program TR